Epic Yard Farm 2.0 Current Plant List

These are lists of locations throughout our property and areas that we have named and designated for different themes. A handful of plants are what the previous homeowners had planted, but majority of the plants are new trees we have planted since June of 2019.

We will try our best to keep this list up to date, please check back often for updates.

Updated: February 13, 2023

Main Orchard

Quince – Orange
Quince – Pineapple
Quince – Cooke’s Jumbo
Fig – Desert King
Nectaplum – Spice Zee
Aprium – Cot N Candy
Apricot – Gold Kist
Pluerry – Sweet Treat
Plum- Methly
Plum – Japanese Golden Nectar
Mulberry – Green Shahtoot

Arid Desert Garden

Date Palm – Black Sphinx
Date Palm – Barhi
Mulberry – Pakistan (no fruit so far)
Peach – Tropic Snow
Peach – Eva’s Pride
Peach – Galaxy
Aprium – Shaa-Kar Pareh
Pear – Waddell Giant
Wolfberry – Anderson (Lycium andersonii)
‘Yellow Platanera’ opuntia (yellow prickly pear cactus)

Patio Garden

Peach – Honey Babe Mini
Grape – Black Monukka
Bay – Sweet Bay Laurel
Olive – Koroneiki
Rose – Sidonie Damask
Blackberry- Black Satin Thornless

Mediterranean Garden

Mandarin – Owari Satsuma
Fig – Tiger
Fig – Unknown Spanish Green
Caper x 2
Moringa oleifera x 4
Rosemary – BBQ

Veggie / Orchard Garden

Peach – Red Baron
Peach – Babcock
Quince – Smyrna – died last summer
Apple – Sundowner / Cripps Red
Apple – Anna
Apple – Sierra Beauty
Pluot – Multi-graft, died last summer (Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme, Flavor King, Flavor Queen)
Asian Pear – 20th Century
Asian Pear – Shinseiki
Mulberry – Pakistan

Fairy Dome

Grape – Thompson Seedless
Grape – Flame Seedless
Grape – Reliance Red
Grape – Princess
Peach – Tropic Snow
Fig – Violette de Bordeaux

East Orchard

Apple – Granny Smith
Apple – Redlove Era – died last summer
Apple – Pink Lady / Cripps Pink
Lime – Beards
Lemon – Meyer
Pear – Magness

South Wall

Aprium – Leah Cot
Pomegranate – Parfianka
Pomegranate – Unknown
Tangelo – Minneola x 2
Fig – Unknown (might be Alma)
Mulberry – Shangri La
Chinese Jujube – Honey Jar
Chinese Jujube – Chico (GI 7-62)

West Wall

Mulberry – Black Beauty – died last summer
Lemon – New Zealand Lemonade
Lemon – Variegated Pink
Lemon – Eureka
Citrus – Calamondin
Citrus – Yuzu
Citrus – Unknown
Fig – Violette de Bordeaux
Mesquite – Leslie Roy
Palo Verde – Desert Museum
Guava – Gift from Kyle
Elderberry – Mexican/Blue
Bamboo – Giant Timber, Bambusa oldhamii – (Shoot Production Strain)
Bamboo – Bambusa odashimae
Blackberry – Unknown Thorny
Moringa oleifera x 1

Front Yard

Guava – Red Malaysian
Grapefruit – MeloGold
Curry Leaf
Brazilian Pink Pepper
Moringa oleifera